In modern society, there are groups of people who are falling behind. Poverty, wealth and class have divided huge swathes of society for centuries, some governments have tried to close the gaps, but haven’t succeeded.

The current rise of the alternative right across western society has been a wakeup call for many political figures from the centre and the left. The governments who have ignored the people and taken their votes for granted are now in disarray with how fast the political landscape has shifted.

Brexit. President Donald Trump. These monumental upheavals aren’t the problem, they are symptoms of a much greater problem.

Entire sections of society have been forgotten, ignored and mocked. Those alienated by the press, and the government, victimised, and persecuted and oppressed. 2016 was the year everyone should have realised, things have to change. We live in a civilised society.

Mass protests are increasing, people unhappy with the direction their government is heading in are being heckled and mocked by their peers due to their different viewpoints. People have the right to be unhappy, they have the right to protest (peacefully).

The real problem we have is the world is regressing, by leaving groups of people behind we are being dragged back. Education is the way forward. Education, in the past, has been a tool to divide and segregate; it still is. I don’t see that changing any time soon. So, we, the people have to talk and discuss with those who have an opposing view and see where we can insert some knowledge. There are those whose mind can be opened and expanded, these people may be following someone viewpoint who is directed by hate. The only way to change or help that person is to talk to them and discuss why they think like that, why they have certain prejudices and hatreds. Only by talking – and I mean talking, not shouting, making your point louder doesn’t make it right.

Hatred can be beaten, but not by more hate. When you see or hear an opposing view to yours, talk to them about it, see where that view comes from. Only by understanding someone can you see who they really are. Are they spewing false information, are they providing genuine information to back up their opinions.

The alt-right is on the rise and dragging the rest of us back, the only way for us to move forward is to educate those who are still in the past. Those who ignore, or flat out denounce FACTS. At some point, society was going to be dragged back, so how do we deal with it now? Well, the few who genuine believe the backwards views of those in power who are dragging us back, must be brought forward into the present. The world has changed, they need to be educated and their minds broadened. A closed mind creates more problems.

By attempting to drag society backwards, we have an opportunity; an opportunity to fix the problems that have been uncovered. The rise of the alt-right may provide the more progressive members of society a chance to solve some of the problems we are facing, only by realising and accepting that there is a problem can a solution be found. Are the current situations a blessing? Certainly not, but one day we may look back and thank these individuals for showing how deep the cracks run and how much they need fixing.