Video games have been a hot topic over the years, with people asking if children playing video games make them more aggressive and violent. We hear stories every now and then about someone who played a particular video game and did something horrific.

I am of the opinion that for the majority, video games don’t have an adverse effect upon their personality or behaviour.

Morality? What is good? Bad?

Morality is a concept that we question, we will all question some of our moral choices throughout our lives. This is good. If we don’t question some of our choices, then how will we know it is the right choice?

What is Skyrim?

Skyrim is the latest instalment of a popular fantasy adventure RPG in the fictional land of Tamriel. Skyrim is a region of this land. In the game you take control of the Dragonborn , the prophesied hero born with the power to use dragon shouts. These shouts are how the dragons fight/communicate. The thu’um is your shout. The Voice as it’s known within the game. You complete quests to advance through the game uncovering new abilities and regions opening up the world that is Skyrim. The game is open world giving the player power to decide their own destiny.

Quests & Choice

The game revolves around choices you make, whether you decide to help one faction or the other. Whether you kill that person. Choice. This is where morality enters the situation. You’ll encounter a myriad of choices on your journey through the game; these choices won’t impact your actual life. Or rather I assume they won’t. In the game you can kill, steal, decapitate, shock, burn, freeze, you can kill in many ways. The way you kill could reveal some darker corners of your mind. The morals of how you kill per say.

The morality of choices you make in the game

Do the choices you make in the game affect you? This all depends on what you invest when you play a game, some people don’t just invest time, and they impart some of their personality on their character. Some people use the opportunity to create a character who is somewhat opposite in terms of behaviour and personality. Others don’t think too hard about their character and their choices.

Do they influence real life?

I’ve already stated that I don’t think that choices you make in the game or any game for that matter will adversely affect you personality or behaviour. It’s just a game. It can be argued that some people could or do use video games to escape their life and use it to enact certain activities which they can’t in reality. This is where the controversial issues arise. Do video games cause people to enact virtually? Or do people abuse the idea that they can and emotionally invest part of themselves into the act?

What do you think? Do you play with your moral compass? Do you play with no emotional attachment?

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