Samwise Gamgee, Frodo’s best friend, as you know he is one of the four hobbits who left the shire to help destroy the one ring. This post is going to explain how and why, without Samwise the one ring would never have been destroyed. I can hear some of you disagreeing with me already, let me explain. I’ll only be using a few examples. 

The Near Miss

Let’s start at the Falls of Rauros, the fellowship had just arrived at Amon Hen, Frodo had just been attacked by Boromir. He was scared, terrified even, but he knew what he had to do, get away from the group so no more of them would succumb to the power of the ring.

Samwise figured out Frodo’s plan and when the rest of the fellowship was searching for him, he turned around and ran as fast as he could back to the boats, the place where Frodo was. He found Frodo paddling his way across the river, now we know that Sam can’t swim, yet even with knowing this he decided to wade into the river and try and reach Frodo, no matter the cost.

This is one of the most important decisions made during the entire trilogy. Frodo saves Sam as lets his be his sole companion, without Sam, Frodo wouldn’t get much further. For example, if Sam wasn’t with Frodo in the hills across from Amon Hen, the maze of cliffs and gullies, Frodo would have been caught and killed by Gollum. Now you could argue that Frodo could have fought him off and survived, but that is unlikely, especially with how hard it was for the two of them to catch him.

Sam’s Return

We are at Shelob’s Lair, Gollum has drove Frodo and Sam apart, and the effect of the ring alongside Gollum’s tricks couldn’t be beaten. We know Sam couldn’t let Frodo be tricked and killed; he turned back around and made his way back up to Shelob’s Lair. Sam ended up finding the ring on Frodo’s lifeless corpse and took it thinking Frodo was dead, not knowing Shelob had poisoned him.

Even though Sam only owned the ring for a short time, he was one of the only people who fought off the power of the one ring and gave it back without much trouble (I’m getting ahead of myself here). Sam saves Frodo from the Orcs who captured him, which allowed them to continue on their quest to destroy the one ring. Without Sam being there to save Frodo, Sauron would have the one ring and Frodo would be dead. There is no other argument here that is what would have happened.

Frodo’s Failure

We are at the foot of Mt. Doom – now I rate this as one of the most, if not the most important part of the entire series – Frodo collapses out of exhaustion and the weight of the one ring, Sam has a few choices, take the ring and destroy it, keep it or they both die on the godforsaken mountain. Sam does nothing of the sort, he respects the fact that the ring is not his burden and does the unthinkable, and he carries Frodo, all the way up to the top.

Source: Deviant Art by AndyBsGlove 

Without Sam gathering all his courage and strength to get Frodo to the top, Frodo would never have been able to get to the top and ultimately, he would have been unable to destroy the one ring and thus destroy Sauron.

There you have it, without Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins would NOT have been able to get to Mordor and destroy the one ring.