Time for a controversial topic. Donald Trump. The 45th president of the United States. Official troll. Tweet Addict. Misogynist. The list goes on. There was always one topic of conversation during the presidential election campaign and that was why hasn’t Donald Trump released his tax returns? Is his hiding something? Tax evasion? Russian links?  

Donald Trump broke tradition last summer and didn’t release his tax returns as was common for presidential candidates. There have been calls for him to release them from then to now, and even so he still hasn’t released them. Why? 

There have been reports and rumors that he hasn’t released them due to his tax evasion. He is even been recorded saying that by evading tax, and using loopholes, it makes him ‘smart’. I’m sorry but, if the president of the United States doesn’t pay the right tax, then why should multinational corporations, or any businesses across the US. The president is supposed to be setting an example to millions of young Americans.

Russia. Electoral Hacking. Jeff Sessions. Mike Flyn. The Trump administration has tried and failed to hide the Russian links between Trumps campaign and the Russian government. Now, there could be no link….but….that’s not likely. The constant mistakes and lies have made the likelihood that there are no links with Russian very very small.

Donald Trump can do one thing to try and erase some of the criticism he is getting and that’s release his tax returns like he said he would if he got elected. He can show that he hasn’t evaded any tax. He can show no Russian influence in his finances.

The American people deserve to know.

(Stay tuned for an upcoming piece on some of Donald Trumps unsubstantiated lies)

(P.S. Give me a while, there are a lot)