Most of us have at one point in our lives, seen one of our favourite books come to life on the big screen. This creates so many emotions: excitement, nervousness, fear, happiness. However, there are always issues with film adaptations.  

Your Imagination

The film studio, their writers and the producers will be making their own version of the book, they will be using their imagination to create scenes how they imagined and they will be using the parts of the characters they see more clearly.

These scene and character differences may not be a huge difference in the scope of the film. However, for the fans of the book, these differences would be either meeting their expectations or muddying their memories. They may be seeing a completely different version of the character in their imagination.

Imagination is a tricky concept, everyone has one and we see what we perceive in our minds eye. Some traits of the character you prefer may be left out and other traits you feel don’t give the character the right personality may be included and emphasised to distort the character you love or hate.

There is always the chance they will change the look of the character, and the traits that are needed to show the true depiction of the character (for the fans of the book(s)).

Missing Chapters/Characters

As you know writers take their version and make it a reality, therefore they may miss chapters and scenes they deem to be non-essential to the story they are telling. This may be different to what you consider to be essential to the story you are creating in your imagination. This could even go so far as to omit an entire character you may love or think is essential to character development and/or the plot.

These missing pieces of the story are missing for you, they effect your version of the story, they important aspects you see. This is the problem with book to film adaptations, it is hard to please everyone, everyone has their own perception, this provides the needed escape books can give. However people will only see what they want to see, they will emphasise or de-emphasise the importance of a trait or a character to their version of the story.

I’m not going to give some examples, I don’t know your favourite books, or how well they were adapted (if they were). Everyone has their own version, their history that effects how they see the world, and this is what adaptations have to meet, they need to meet the expectations of the different fans, make the story engage them on a emotional level, remind them of the book and reveal how their favourite parts have came to life.

What’s your favourite book? Has it been made into a film or television series? What have they changed? What don’t you want them to change? Have they missed anything? What are they not allowed to miss? Or change?

There are many questions that can be asked, but are they the right ones?