We are living in an age of reboots, our childhood films are being made anew, they are being distorted by modern society, political correctness. Directors and producers are attempting to create something new, better than what was and still is, a masterpiece in the eyes of the fans.  

Sometimes they are promoted as a completely new take on the previous version, a ‘kind of’ prequel or sequel. There have been many attempts in recent years. From Footloose to Total Recall, RoboCop to Ghostbusters.

Hollywood is giving the perception they are out of original ideas, they are revisiting old ideas that are known to be successful. However, they are becoming less successful unless there is a significant shift in viewership or perception of the film.

Success is only measured in revenue, if the movie doesn’t make money, its worthless. It could be a masterpiece of cinematography but if it doesn’t make a good profit, that’s it.

We have a few reboots coming soon, Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Lion King, to name just a few. To be fair to Disney making live action reboots, they have done them some justice. The recent Ghostbusters was controversial but the film as a whole was messy and unneeded, a straight forward sequel would of made more sense than a reboot. And RoboCop was…just no. It had nothing on the 1987 original.

I am looking forward to the new Power Rangers, just because of the nostalgia but then again, that is one of the main reasons for the reboot phase of Hollywood. I am not wholly against reboots, but the studios have to be trying to make a good film, a truly good film, not just rehash old ideas.